God or Gumballs?

As we were getting ready for church last Sunday, a debate ensued among my children.  Far from the usual source of debate: who got more cereal than the other, or who was ready for the church before the others, this one involved a couple of really SWEET choices.  God or gumballs?


chewing-gum-candy_z1PHoyK_ copyYou see, my 8 year old had recently purchased a gumball machine with his Christmas money.  It’s all the rage in the house right now because it’s the first time we’ve given permission for any of our children to have gum…let alone chew it in the house.  Let’s just say we have had our reasons for not allowing it before.

Going back to the great debate, my 10 year old had a coin purse that she planned to bring to church with her so she would have money for the collection basket.  My 7 year old, always the instigator, asked why she had her coin purse and not a wallet.  My 6 year old, not to be left out, said, “Wow, that’s a great coin purse.  I wonder how many gumballs you could buy with all that money?”  Yeah, retorted my 7 year old, “Why spend it all on God when you could have gumballs?”

My 10 year old’s response was a simple question, “What is better…God or gumballs?”  My 3 year old quickly chimed in with her own question, “Is God sweet, like a gumball?” which made me think.  You know, they ARE both pretty sweet!

Heaven Hell Computer Keys Showing Choice Between Good And Evil OnlineGod is sweet in an eternal kind of way.  The more you chew on God’s word, the sweeter it becomes until it fills us with so much sweetness that we nearly burst.

Holding Colorful Twisted CandyA gumball is sweet in a temporary way. quickly losing it’s flavor  the longer you chew it. It’s like the false prophets that the Colossians were warned of: “empty, seductive” (Col. 2:8).

Now, I have to agree, a little bit of that temporary sweetness (gumballs, money, nice clothes, big house) is kind of nice. But, if it threatens the eternal sweetness of God…our living a life in Christ, then we have to take a step back and evaluate our decisions. We have to decide which is more important, gumballs or God.  The world may argue in favor of one over the other, but the choice is still ours to make. Freedom of choice. That’s both the sweet and sour part of our human existence.

So, how did the debate of gumballs end last Sunday morning?  Well, let’s just say we sounded very much like a family band walking into church!  It was music to this mama’s ears!

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