Month: March 2015

Day 42: Family Training

Today’s Saint: St. Guy of Pomposa Gospel reading: John 13:21-33, 36-38 After reading about yesterday’s Saint of the Day, St. Zosimus, my decision to start something new (and be surprised by the results) at age 45 solidified. I start karate lessons today with my children in Family […]

Day 41: Expect Nothing

Today’s Saint: St. Zosimus Gospel reading: John: 12:1-11 Expect Nothing by Alice Walker has been a favorite of mine for years, and it means the world for me to be able to share it with you.  Let it shape your thoughts for just a little while, then […]

Day 40: Palm Sunday

Today’s Saint: St. Rupert
Gospel reading: Mark 14:1-15:47

It is with bittersweet anticipation that we begin the holiest week of the Easter season, the magnum opus of Lent that leads to Easter Sunday. It is a week filled to the brim with parallel emotions, where suffering, sorrow, and sadness run their course side by side with effervescence, elation, and exaltation.

Zirl Parrish Church-People awaiting Jesus in Jerusalem

It was on this day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem astride a donkey. As he approached the gates of the city, a “very large crowd” gathered in jubilation, laying down their cloaks, cutting and strewing palm branches, and crying out in song: “Hosanna to the Son of David; blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord; hosanna in the highest: (Matthew 21:8-9).

Today’s mass included a reading of the Passion, in which we as parishioners played an active role.  I’ve never been able to bring myself to say, “Crucify Him!” as it is written in the chorus.  The reality that Jesus was betrayed over and over again during the last week of his life saddens me so deeply.

I think, perhaps, that there is no time like the present to begin reconciling our own journey through life  with that of Jesus’.  In truth, there is little about our lives that compares to the magnitude in which Jesus lived or dies. And, yet, our whole existence relies on our connection to Him. We ARE because I AM.

“We are living out the joy of walking with Jesus, being with Him, carrying his Cross with love, with a spirit that is always young!”-Pope Francis

And so begins our journey with Jesus in these final days of his life on earth. May we find the strength we never knew we had; may we experience a joy beyond anything we’ve ever known; and may peace overtake the presence of pain as we walk hand in hand with Christ, our Lord.

Day 39: Ladies Auxiliary

Today’s Saint: St. Tutilo Gospel reading: John 11:45-56 With my husband being an American Legion Post Commander, I figured it was about time that I joined the Ladies Auxiliary… not just in support of him, but in the millions of veterans supported by its efforts.  It’s really […]

Day 38: Test Day

Today’s Saint: St. John of Egypt Gospel reading: John 10:31-42 The last Friday of each month is a test day in karate.  And while only one of my five karate kids tested this month,  it was a seriously happy day for all of us.   In the Little […]

Day 37: Boxed Up

Today’s Saint: St. Braulio
Gospel reading: John 8:51-59

It’s simple, really… I mean, my strategy for getting organized and ridding the house of clutter. For every large box (12″ square or larger) that enters my house, I simply fill it up with things that we no longer use or need and add it to our giveaway pile in the garage. Once a month, sometimes more, we deliver our giveaway stash to consignment shops, clothing closets, shelters… wherever there is an immediate need.

[picture pending: boxes]

It’s a somewhat more elaborate approach to the popular one-in-one-out method of reduction, but it’s an approach that works for me.  It hasn’t always been easy for me to give up all of the stuff…my stuff.  But, over time, I’ve learned to detach from things that I once thought I “needed” and focus more on the things that make me happy (which, by the way, are almost always not things). Having children really helps with that, as things get broken or destroyed.

[picture pending: broken ipod]

The process of getting rid of excess stuff is not only liberating, but it seriously reduces my desire to have more… to keep up with the proverbial Jones’.  And whenever possible, I try and buy used rather than new in order to reduce the footprint of waste.

“Detachment is the secret of perseverance.”-St. Sebastian Valfre

May the Lenten season encourage you to linger longer in the simple things that matter the most: Spending time with family, watching the world blossom as spring unfolds, and pursuing a deeper relationship with God.

Day 36: Ice Age

Today’s Saint: Blessed Margaret ClitherowGospel reading: Luke 1:26-38 This weekend’s penchant for post-tournament entertainment (Ice Age, the 2002 movie) turned into an “epoch” unit study of the Ice Age, as it occurred over time.  We even cross-referenced the timeline of the Ice Age with events […]

Day 35: Tinga Layo

Today’s Saint: St. Ireneus Gospel reading: John 8:21-30 All three of my boys take Let’s Play Music classes. They are now in their second year and getting pretty good at playing the keyboard.  One of my favorite songs lately has been Tinga Layo, the lyrics of […]

Day 34: Last Supper

Today’s Saint: St. Turibius de Mogrovejo

Gospel reading: John 11:1-45 

We woke up to a world changed overnight, pure white snow in contrast with the first red buds of spring that only yesterday had stood glistening in sunlight. You might call it winter’s revenge, but it think it more appropriate – given the Lenten season – to call it, “Winter’s Last Supper.”

Spring snow blots out buds   

 A primal scream… silent… white   

 ‘Tis Winter’s Last Supper  

“Time is not our own, and we must give a strict account of it.”-St. Turibius of Mogrovejo

Day 33: Karate Tournament

 Today’s Saint: St. Nicholas OwenGospel reading: John 12:20-33 My four oldest competed in their first martial arts tournament today, and I’m abashingly proud (yes, once again, without being prideful). Despite their fears, insecurities and reservations, they went out there and gave it their all. What […]