Month: July 2015

Power{ful}{less} Words

Four weeks into my 6-week Hello Mornings study of James 3, I spent the earliest part of today reflecting on the following statement: “a transformed heart produces a transformed tongue.” I surmised that when our heart is guided by love (particularly God’s love), our thoughts and words likewise become infused […]

Marian Monday

Four years ago, I embarked on an amazing adventure with the Diocesan School of Biblical Studies(DSBS). After two and a half years, I realized that raising my [now] six children would have to take precedence in my life, BUT I do hope to one day return and finish the […]

Wordly Wednesday

What I am currently reading…

The Ancient Path: Old Lessons from the Church Fathers for a New Life Today by John Michael Talbot

“We are called to be, in our lives, an epiphany of the Lord to those we encounter, a bright, shining light so that others might be led to him. We are called to be like the great star of Bethlehem that led the wise men to Jesus on that glorious Christmas day.”-p.12

I am not quite half-way through this book, but The Ancient Path is clearly a gift to anyone seeking to connect themselves more deeply to early Church doctrine and the fulfillment of faith in the everyday.  Through his passionate words, Talbot takes us on a journey back to where we came from as a Christian community in order to move us forward with hearts and hands and voices turned toward God and the idea that we are a part of a “spiritual temple built of living stones…with Christ Jesus as the cornerstone (Ephesians 2:20).”

A “founding father” of contemporary Christian music, John Michael Talbot’s album, The Lord’s Supper, is a perfect complement to this book. It is so kick-bottom uplifting that I even listen to it while running!  If anything can motivate me to run in the mornings, this is IT.

“We cannot receive God’s full and abundant life unless we are first transformed.”-p.71

Have a blessed day, my friends, and give thanks to God!