Our Catholic Homeschool

We are in our 7th year as a homeschool family, so I just thought I'd share some 
fun facts about us!

–>Name of our homeschool: Little Saints of Divine Grace Academy

–>Grades we homeschool:  1st,  2nd, 5th, 7th, and 8th

–>Home ‘room’ names: Fatima 1, Salesian 2, Friars 5, Salvation 7, and Ecclesiastes 8

–>Our school mascot: Honeybee (we are beekeepers)

–>Our school saint: Saint John (Don) Bosco

–>Our school colors: Red, white, and blue (we are a retired military family…Go Army!)

–>Curriculum we are using this year: Catholic Heritage (grades 1-7) + Tail Guide to Learning: Journey Through the Ancient World (grade 8) + Saxon Math (all grades)

–>Extra-curricular activities: Karate (1-7 grades), cross-country running (8th grade), Little Flowers Girl’s Club (1-2 grade), Troops of Saint George (5-7 grade), private music lessons (1 and 7th grades), and Religious Education Program (REP) at our local parish (all grades)

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