R is for Repeat

We are what we repeatedly do. There is power (P.W.R.) in creating positive habits that can change your world for the better!

And the Lord, seeking His own laborer in the multitude of the people to whom He addresses the foregoing admonitions, says again: “Who is the man that loves life, who desires length of days” in order to enjoy good things? -Prologue, The Rule of St. Benedict.

The word ‘again’ is found twenty-six times in The Rule of St. Benedict.  This number resonates with me as a marathon runner (a marathon is 26.2 miles long), but it also emphasizes the importance of repeating what we do, say, or think in order to make clear our intentions and pave the way for positive forward motion in whatever activity we pursue.  For those who adhere to The Rule, there is much repetition throughout the day: of work and prayer; of sleeping, and reading; of helping and being helped.  In this perfectly-balanced rhythm of life, there is very real sense of shaped into the being that God seeks in us, as well as a natural manifestation of His love for us.

In general, The Rule is, by itself, a plan for a balanced life that leads to our full communion with God.  What can possibly be more awesome than that?

In what areas of your life do you need balance?  Are you a mother trying to balance the needs of your children with your own, or that of a spouse?  If you work, do you find yourself needing more balance between your work and home responsibilities?  Do you attend Church on Sunday, but find it difficult to balance your spiritual life during the week?  How often do you give up on fitness or health goals due to imbalances in an already too-busy schedule?  The list probably seems endless, huh?  Yet, I find that when I center myself first in prayer and then on doing what I really feel called to do, i.e., my “work,” the balance part of my life just naturally syncs into place.

If you’d like to learn a little more about St. Benedict and how you might apply his idea of balance in your own life, I encourage you to start with the following video:

I plan to add a resource list to this page as well, so stay tuned and stay balanced!